Carrie the Cross

With all the buzz about the new Carrie motion picture just launched, I made the decision to go back again and view the Brian De Palma variation yet again. I’ve created right here ahead of about the religious symbolism of the movie, but I have to confess to in no way possessing read through the novel. This time a specific symbol stood out, and I’m not certain regardless of whether it derives from De Palma or King. Crosses abound in the 1976 Carrie. This is a little bit odd due to the fact of the indeterminate religion of Carrie’s mother. Clearly she has a belief in Jesus, but an odd Jesus it is. In Carrie’s prayer closet the statue—presumably of Jesus, because it is by no means plainly recognized otherwise—is of a guy whose stomach in pierced with arrows. Individuals common with saints quickly understand Saint Sebastian, but the arms are outstretched, as if this bad target had been both crucified and superfluously shot with arrows. The traditional cross, even so, would seem to be lacking in that dark space. It reappears on prom night.

While Carrie is acquiring completely ready for the prom, her crazed mom friends out the window at passing cars, telling Carrie that Tommy is not coming. In 1 shot, as two cars move in the avenue, there seems an inverted white cross on the road. I intended at 1st that this was a painted parking place marker, but then, this is a residential avenue, and no these kinds of markers look in other shots. Carrie’s mom had accused her of becoming a witch, and the upside-down cross is an oft-claimed image of Satanism (not the same, nonetheless, as Wicca). At the promenade, Tommy insists that Carrie vote for them as the promenade queen and king. When Carrie can make her x, the camera angle rotates slightly to expose the signal as a Latin, as opposed to Saint Andrew’s cross. Right after Carrie kills everybody and goes home, her mother stabs her and, chasing her via the kitchen, makes the sign of the cross with her knife. Finally, Sue—in a aspiration?—wanders to Carrie’s burnt down property to lay flowers at the foot of a “for sale” indication that is a white cross, with the clashing words “Carrie White Burns in Hell” scrawled on it.

I may possibly have missed much more since the use of the image only dawned when the passing autos pointed me towards it. There is a unusual sort of misuse of the cross here—not seen on the Sebastian-Jesus, and in the long run also Carrie’s mother figures, but inverted on the road, a signal of pride at the voting, manufactured with a knife by the mom, and scrawled with an arrow pointing to Hell in the final scene. Carrie’s fiery stop appears to confirm her mother’s interpretation of telekinesis as witchcraft. There is no forgiveness in this movie. Effectively, I suppose I’ll have to go see the remake now. And perhaps even read through the ebook. I require to know if I’m just looking at factors or if I’m nonetheless snooze-deprived from stressing about work and a surfeit of creativeness as October’s chill settles in.

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